Critique: Google+

Critique: Google+

Google+ offers an interesting platform with which to connect with your social community. This includes people you already know but also those you do not know but have similar interests with. It provides a way to connect with larger communities that do not necessarily exist in your geographic location, for example: people who enjoy in photographing children’s toys staged in a real setting. Google+ provides a place where such passions can be displayed and shared with others who have the same soft spot. The fruit of this meeting of the minds can then be followed by other users. Google+ offers an exciting space where like-minded people can encounter and inspire each other. This is also enjoyable for those who act as an audience.

Previous criticisms of Google+ were that if you signed up for a Gmail address you were forced to also have a Google+ account. This is no longer the case. As well, Google+ requires a lot of personal information to open an account which is dubious coming from a company that then sells this data for targeted advertising. In general, it is good practice to give as little information as possible to these types of services because you do not necessarily know what is done with it. Having to use your real name and the fact that you can follow anybody on Google+ without them having to accept you can provide perfect ground for anyone who wants to stalk someone. It can be done without the user knowing. Thus, it is important to take steps to protect your identity while benefiting from the service.




Google+® – marque de commerce

Réseau social par lequel les utilisateurs peuvent se connecter à leur communauté, communiquer par chat vidéo spontané et collectif ainsi que recevoir et partager du contenu affiché sur un flux de nouvelles.

Remarques : ce réseau fait partie des services offerts par Google. Un compte Google+ (ou Google plus) permet d’intégrer l’utilisation de ces autres services Google, par exemple, Picassa, Google Talk, YouTube, etc. Il essaie de faire concurrence au réseau social de Facebook.

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Google+® – marca registrada

Red social donde usuarios pueden conectarse a su comunidad, comunicar por video chat espontáneo y colectivo y también recibir y compartir contenido que está presentado en un streaming de noticias.

Comentarios: esta red es parte de los servicios ofrecidos por Google. Una cuenta Google+ (o Google más) permite integrar el uso de otros servicios de Google como Picassa, Google Talk, YouTube, etc. Intenta hacer concurrencia a la red social Facebook.


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Google+® – registered trademark

A social network where users can connect with their community, communicate via spontaneous and collective video chat as well as receive and share content in a news feed.

Notes: This network is part of the services offered by Google. A Google+ (or Google Plus) account enables the integrated use of other Google services such as Picassa, Google Talk, YouTube, etc. It tries to compete with the social network Facebook.

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