Critique: Pinterest

Critique: Pinterest

Pinterest is a really fun site to look at creative ideas from around the world. Personally, one of the reasons I have not gotten hooked beyond contemplating pictures on the various boards, finding out more about them is not always easy. There is a link included in the Pin enabling users to visit the original location of the post but it takes you to the general page and not to the actual article or picture that you are interested in. The topic in question may be far down the feed and difficult to find. Also, once the information is located, it is often lacking in detail and disappointing, especially for DIY projects. This happened to me a few times and discouraged me from further pursuing the site. That said, it can be a lovely place for frivolous window shopping.

A more concerning feature of Pinterest is issues about giving credit to the original author of the idea. Pinterest encourages people to get permission to post but at the same time it makes it easy to pin things seamlessly with one click. With this lack of difficulty, Pinterest is prompting its users to commit copyright infringement although in their terms of service they explicitly state that content posted should be either owned by the user or be non-infringing. This runs counter to their promotional material which says you can “save ideas from around the web with one click (Pinterest, 2017).” This is especially concerning for creators who are not receiving credit for their work. Particularly when, as described above, even if the origin of the Pin is enclosed, the information can be difficult to find within the site.


Pinterest:,  published 2017, accessed March 27, 2017.


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