Critique: WordPress

Critique: WordPress

WordPress is an interesting blogging tool because it is relatively easy to use and one can choose to share their website publicly or privately. Another positive aspect of this blogging service is the fact that it is available through open software which makes it modifiable by users. It is thus continuously being improved with the input of those who have first hand experience with it. As well, since the WordPress community is so large, if a user has any issues or problems it is very probable that someone else has had a similar issue and a solution will be easily found. The fact that knowledge in coding or computer language is not required to create good-looking blogs is also a bonus. However, this same aspect has been highly criticized by professionals who build and maintain websites. When they are tasked with maintaining websites created by amateurs using WordPress, there are often a lot of problems that are not easily fixed—finding a solution takes time and is complex. WordPress has been criticized by these professionals who volunteer their time and expertise at WordCamps and develop new themes and plugins for the content management system. They disapprove of its high reliance on the volunteer community without providing enough support for its clients. In practice, this means tutorials are inconsistent and forum threads are often unresolved. WordPress would be wise to improve their support team to adequately assist its large user base. It should also find ways to show their appreciation for the volunteers who have helped make it what it is today.


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