Critique: Myspace

Critique: Myspace
Myspace is a great place for music if you have a MySpace account or an account with a major social networking website such as Facebook or Twitter. On this website you can read about music news, listen to your favourite music or search for new music discoveries. Unfortunately, although it boasts having one of the largest collections of music available for streaming, you may not find music if it is more obscure or not very well known. If you are a musician, you can use Myspace to promote yourself and your music with little distribution costs. If you are a music fan, Myspace is definitely a social network that you need to be a part of because it allows you to connect with other people through your favourite music which is pretty special. You can also directly connect with musicians you admire and musicians can do the same with their fans. Consequently, it fosters community between musicians and their fans.
Unfortunately, Myspace has been criticized recently for making music available that it does not have the rights to. Its rebuttal when confronted with this accusation was that it was users that were uploading the music and not Myspace which in their opinion made them not responsible for not having the rights to the music. Myspace was further criticized for their ignorance of the situation. This is a terrible position for a website whose sole purpose is the sharing of music. Musicians need to be recognized through payment for their music. It is really unfortunate when a powerful music website like Myspace does not recognize this.


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